Influenster Surf’s Up Voxbox

6 Aug

Things have been a little nuts the last few weeks with traveling, the start of school, and the crazy heat, so I haven’t gotten around to talking about the Influenster Surf’s Up Voxbox that was sent to me a while back until now.


This Voxbox was full of all kinds of goodies perfect for this time of year. 

The first thing I noticed, of course, was the nail polish. 

I’m already a big collector of Sinful Colors polishes, so I was thrilled.  My box included a bottle of Sinful Colors Eva So Bright, which is a really pretty coral/red color.  Perfect!  The formula was a good consistency and went on smoothly.  Love this!

Sinful Colors Eva So Bright, Influenster Surf's Up VoxBox, @SinfulColors_NPSinful Colors Eva So Bright

Eva So Bright

Next is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion,#EscapewithHT - whenlifehandsyouapear.comHawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion

 I got the ‘Soothing Aloe Gel’ part of the description, but I think the terms ‘hydrating’ and  ‘lotion’ were used a little loosely here.  See near the bottom of the bottle where it states ’24 hour Moisturization’?  I didn’t find that to be very accurate.  I put this on my slightly sunburned skin one day, and while it felt nice at the moment, I noticed within a few hours my skin was looking pretty dry already.

The smell is very sweet and a little overpowering for me.  In fact, the smell hung around longer than the moisturizing effect.  I’ll hang onto the stuff and give it another shot.

Next up is the First Aid Shot Therapy (aka F.A.S.T.).

First Aid Shot Therapy (F.A.S.T.), #FASTrelief @InfluensterVox #SurfsUpVoxBox - whenlifehandsyouapear.wordpress.comFirst Aid Shot Therapy (F.A.S.T.)

It’s described as:

 “FDA-compliant, single-dose, liquid medication that meet consumers needs for fast, effective relief. Working together with some of the top physicians from Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and the Mayo Clinic, F.A.S.T. created a single-dose, pre-measured liquid relief shot.

 F.A.S.T. Pain Relief, combines two active ingredients: choline salicylate and caffeine. Choline Salicylate gets into the bloodstream up to five times faster than aspirin, so relief starts in minutes!”

I tried this one afternoon when I could feel a hefty headache coming on. 

Yes, it worked.   It tasted sweet and medicine-like but wasn’t absolutely horrible.

However I’m still trying to understand the advantages of taking this instead of regular pain pills.  I suppose there’s the speed issue.  This works faster.  I kind of wished I’d saved this for my son who struggles to swallow pills and has been hurting since having his braces adjusted.

Has anyone else tried this?  Thoughts?

Next up is Cover Girl Bombshell mascara.  This is a 2 step mascara that promises extreme volume.  Step One is the ‘extreme volume basecoat’, followed by Step Two: the intensifying top coat.

Cover Girl Bombshell Mascara, #bombshelling, @CoverGirl @InfluensterVox #surfsupVoxBox #VoxBox CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara

I’ll admit, right off the bat I didn’t think I was going to like this.  I don’t like gimmicky stuff and between the giant tube and the idea of a two step system, this seemed a little gimmicky to me.  It’s big, it’s bright, and frankly, it’s kind of bulky.  This will sound dumb, but I have pretty small hands and this just feels a little awkward.  Could I get used to it?  Probably.

But how does it work?

Well, I’ll preface this by saying when I use mascara, it’s waterproof, Cover Girl LashBlast, in fact .  I like the volume and staying power, I like that it doesn’t flake, and I like how well it locks in the curl after I use my eyelash curler.

Back to Bombshell. 

Did it give me volume?  Yes.  I was totally #bombshelling.

I tried to take some close up photos but they all looked pretty creepy.  I’ll leave the photos for all the beauty bloggers out there.

Did it have staying power? Yes.  It didn’t flake off, migrate down my face or disappear.

I couldn’t find anywhere on the packaging where it said Cover Girl Bombshell mascara is supposed to be a waterproof formula, but it had the staying power of one.  The packaging does state it should be removed ‘with CoverGirl make up remover or any other oil based make up remover’.  Unfortunately, the make up remover I use is oil free, which works fine for my waterproof CG LashBlast, but didn’t seem to do much for Bombshell.  My bad, but I don’t like oil based make up removers and don’t plan on buying any.

Did it lock in curl?  Unfortunately, no, at least not as well as my regular waterproof mascara, which is a deal breaker for me.  I have fairly thick dark lashes that don’t stay curled without waterproof mascara, I guess, so while this mascara works, it didn’t completely win me over. 


The last product to test from my Surf’s Up VoxBox was a Jamba Juice At Home Smoothie mix.   My box contained two coupons – one coupon for a free package of smoothie mix and one coupon for $1.00 off a package.  At the store I found these near the other frozen juice mixes.


There were several flavors to choose from, but because I wanted to share this with my kids, I chose a flavor I knew my picky son already liked, Strawberries Wild. 

I also picked up apple juice, because that’s what you blend the frozen mix with. 

Now, I’ve made smoothies at home (and burned out several blenders in my day – next time, Vitamix)  and while they’re good, they’ve in no way resembled a real Jamba Juice smoothie.

Until now. 

Seriously.  It’s kind of amazing to watch.  You pour the apple juice and bag of frozen fruit and yogurt chunks in there and after blending for a few minutes, out comes a smoothie just like they make at Jamba Juice!  Woo hoo!

WP_002576croppedJamba Juice  At Home Smoothie Mix

The kids were outside swimming, so I let them test it right in the pool.


 And, it was a hit!WP_002582

Disclosure: I was provided with free product from Influenster and the brands mentioned above, for trial and review purposes. However, all opinions are honest and my own.


What I wore today – a new maxi dress from JCPenney

3 Aug

Maxi dress from JCPenney -

  • Maxi dress:  Studio 1, JCPenney
  • Cardigan:  Worthington
  • Necklace:  eBay
  • Shoes:  Franco Sarto
  • Hoop Earrings:  JCPenney

 I know I mentioned a while back that I was getting a little maxi-ed out.  Now I’m not sure how true that statement was.  This week at JCPenney I found not one, but 3 new maxi dresses I like, and with the sales going on, and the coupons I had, I figured, well, why not?

I haven’t been shopping much for the past few months, at least compared to how I used to be, and I’ve realized my wardrobe could use a little freshening up. 

It made me wonder about how other people shop.  Do you shop often?  Seasonally?  Just when you need something new?

Do you usually go shopping with something in mind, or just look around to see what’s new?

What I wore – my new asymmetrical top

18 Jul


  • Top:  Bealls Outlet
  • Skirt:  Talbots
  • Shoes: Alfani, Dillards

I totally surprised myself this week and bought an asymmetrical top.  I’m still getting used to the idea, because that corner piece in the front still looks like I yanked it down harder than the rest of the top, at least to me.

007croppedI don’t know.

What do you think of asymmetrical stuff?  Is it something you wear or something you avoid?


What I wore – Flower Power (or flower overload?)

14 Jul


  • Floral dress:  Lands’ End (last summer)
  • Floral necklace:  QVC (several years ago)
  • Floral Bracelet:  QVC (also several years ago)007cropped

I wore a lot of flowers here, I realize that.  Perhaps too many.  I just forget sometimes how ‘matchy-matchy’ I tend to be.

I also tend to forget just how easy this dress is and that it’s even in my closet.

So, on my ‘to do’ list:

  1. Less ‘matchy-matchy’.
  2. Wear blue Lands’ End dress more.
  3. Stop watering plants on porch immediately before taking pictures there because it makes it look like I had an accident or something.


Happy Independence Day!

4 Jul

patriotic nails, patriotic mani, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, OPI Coca-Cola Red, FingerPaints Red White & Hue

To celebrate the holiday I decided to go all out and paint my nails patriotic colors.  I’ve never used so many polishes at once!

Patriotic Nails -

I’m wearing OPI Coca-Cola Red, Sally Hansen White On, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, OPI My Signature is DC (on my thumbs) and 3 different glitter toppers – Sephora by OPI Be-Claus I Said So,  Sinful Colors Diamonds Are Forever, AND FingerPaints Red, White & Hue.


My family has been on vacation  the past few days.  Here’s a photo we took before riding the alpine slide in Durango, Colorado.

117croppedIt was a beautiful place to visit and the beautiful views and cooler weather were fantastic!

The drive home ended up being the worst part of the trip and ridiculously long thanks to a GPS glitch that sent us on what had to be the longest route possible.  Then, while driving through a small town a train signal and the gates malfunctioned and were stuck in the down position causing all traffic both ways to be stuck at a standstill for a half hour.

And then, we arrived home just in time to drive through this:


Still, it was a fantastic vacation, and the first one I can remember where no one got sick, something that always seems to happen when my family travels.

So, how about you?  Do you have summer travel plans?


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