Something old, something new

Steinmart Sweater

  • Red Cardigan: Cable & Gauge, Stein Mart
  • Dress:  Merona, Target (years ago)
  • Shoes:  DSW (last year)

After sorting through my closet and getting rid of a few tired looking tops and sweaters, I decided I needed a few replacements and headed over to Stein Mart this week.  They always seem to have cardigans at a price I like.  I found this red, beaded cardigan and thought it would go well in my wardrobe, plus the extra sparkle is fun this time of year.


I hate it when people ask me, but are you ready for Christmas yet?

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and kind of grinchy this year.  We just put up our tree this weekend.  Last year, the lights on our 4 year old artificial tree were kind of a nightmare, so this year we went completely out of the box (at least, for me) and got a real tree and bought multi-colored lights.  Somehow our poor kids have never had a real tree before!  The tree is small, and still needs some new ornaments, but I guess it’s nice.  I’m letting go of my unrealistic expectations this year and accepting that sometimes ‘done is better than perfect.’

On my wishlist…

Talbots vest

Talbots Quilted Vest

I tried this navy quilted vest on at Talbots the other day and really liked it.  It’s thinner than most of the puffy vests that are out right now, which makes for a more flattering fit, and I think the lighter weight works better for my climate.

The quality seems exceptionally nice, however, at $99, it seems pricey to me for something I would only be able to wear a few months out of the year.  I’m waiting for a good sale. Plus, I can’t decide which colorway I like best – navy, ivory, maize, or black?

Old navy scarfOld Navy Flannel Scarf

I stopped into Old Navy recently as well and they had this plaid scarf on one of the mannequins.   (What is it about putting something on a mannequin that makes it look so amazing?!)

Do I really need another flannel scarf?

Probably not.

Do I want one anyway?

Yes.  Yes I do.

Blue ClutchMelie Bianco Top Handle Clutch

This is something I spotted in DSW last week.  Walking up to it I assumed it was one of their more expensive luxury bags, but then I saw it was $39.95.  I also like it in the beige color.beige clutchWhat’s on your wishlist these days?

Hallelujah! It’s starting to feel like fall!

Talbots denim shirtdress and belt, Clarks Marscarpone Mix

  • Denim shirt dress:  Talbots
  • Beaded belt:  LOFT
  • Boots:  Clarks, Mascarpone Mix

Yes, it’s finally starting to cool down around here.  I can almost wear tights and not look completely ridiculous.  (Just a little ridiculous…)

Fall in Arizona is somewhat sartorially difficult.   After another blistering hot summer, we’re ready to embrace cooler weather like everyone else, but ‘cooler’ days for us (anything less than 100 degrees at this point) aren’t what most people would think of as scarf weather, you know?

I picked up this denim shirtdress at Talbots a few weeks ago.  It was marked down then, but it’s even more on sale now. (Of course!)  And this beaded belt that I picked up on clearance at the LOFT a couple of years ago finally got to see the light of day.  Hooray!