10 thoughts on “More from the Talbots Red Hanger Sale

  1. Lorena says:

    The medallion skirt is a winner.
    I am SO TRYING not to buy anything.. in fact i have been staying away from the mall and also from on line shopping. You’re tempting me !

    • It’s pretty, isn’t it? I actually tried one on in the store at the same time as the bonded-lace skirt I bought, but the price was still higher than I wanted to spend. It’s actually less expensive now online so I’m tempted. Sorry to be such a tease, Lorena!

    • Oh, if I bought a big enough size I could fit my hips in it, but then the waist would look a little silly and it would cost more to alter it than I’m willing to shell out.😉 But I can dream, right? Skirts rock, Monica, you should definitely add a few this year!

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