NailNation 3000 Mysterious NailNation3000 - Mysterious I’ve got another polish post for you today and this one definitely doesn’t fall into the bronze/beige/gold category so many of my other polishes do.

This is NailNation 3000 Mysterious.   NailNation 3000 is an artisan polish line made by someone in my area.  Not only does she sell her polishes to a local beauty supply store, she sells them around the world. - NailNation 3000 Mysterious

I’m still new to both ‘indie’ and holographic polishes, so I had a heckuva time trying to figure out how to photograph this.  I took over 100 photos both inside using different light sources and outside trying to capture the subtle (and not so subtle) color changes and this is the best I could come up with.  (Any tips would be appreciated!) - NailNation 3000 Mysterious

In some light, this polish appears black, in others, a dark vampy purple, and in just the right light the holo colors light up like a Christmas tree.  The purple tint is somewhat visible in the photo above and below.

Very mysterious indeed. - NailNation 3000 Mysterious

NailNation3000 Mysterious

NailNation 3000 Mysterious - NailNation 3000 Mysterious

Do you have any experience with  ‘indie’ or holographic polishes?


5 thoughts on “NailNation 3000 Mysterious

    • Sure thing! Seeing swatches online has helped me pick out a lot of the colors I now love. A lot of times you just can’t tell how something will look in the bottle.

  1. Oh, that color is amazing. It does look black and then deep purple in some lighting. Perhaps that’s the purpose of the color and correct light isn’t needed 😉


    • In most of the photos I took it looked plain old black. I’m not sure how some people get such gorgeous photos of holographic polish, because it’s tricky stuff I tell you. 😉

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