What I wore today


  • Cardigan:  TJ Maxx
  • Top:  Alfani, Macy’s
  • Skirt:  Macy’s
  • Belt:  Anthropologie Weave & Plait
  • Shoes:  Nine West

My hair was kind of extra big today and both my kids asked me what the deal was.

Honestly, I just don’t know because I didn’t do anything differently.  Some people have a lot of bad hair days.  I have a lot of BIG hair days.

Anthropologie Weave & Plait Belt - whenlifehandsyouapear.wordpress.com

033I’ve had these shoes for a long time now and they never seem to get worn.  The heel is pretty high and it makes the pitch hard to manage for very long, which is strange, because just looking at them they wouldn’t seem that way at all.

I’m wearing a new to me nail color I picked up.  It’s OPI’s My Private Jet.  It has holographic sparkles that I’m having a tough time photographing.

OPI My Private Jet - whenlifehandsyouapear.wordpress.com

I’m linked up for Visible Monday #122 on Not Dead Yet Style.


18 thoughts on “What I wore today

    • Isn’t it funny how brown colors come and go out of style? I really like brown as an adult, but I remember thinking it was such an ugly color years ago and swearing I’d never buy anything brown on purpose.

      • Totally. I felt the same way about brown until I saw my husband’s new car.

        By the way, I LOVE your hair. I use a volumizer so I can attempt to get it to be like yours.

    • Thanks, Vicki! Most of the time I’m grateful for my big hair, but years ago when the flat, straight look was everywhere I felt really out of place.

  1. I’m skirt obsessed at this moment, and you are providing lots of inspiration with this completely GORGEOUS look on you! So cute!!!!! Slimming prints … who’d-a-thunk it?
    And your hair is beautiful. Not just big, but really right for the moment with the right kind of volume and curl shape.
    You should be so proud of looking like you do!

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