What I wore – Flower Power (or flower overload?)


  • Floral dress:  Lands’ End (last summer)
  • Floral necklace:  QVC (several years ago)
  • Floral Bracelet:  QVC (also several years ago)007cropped

I wore a lot of flowers here, I realize that.  Perhaps too many.  I just forget sometimes how ‘matchy-matchy’ I tend to be.

I also tend to forget just how easy this dress is and that it’s even in my closet.

So, on my ‘to do’ list:

  1. Less ‘matchy-matchy’.
  2. Wear blue Lands’ End dress more.
  3. Stop watering plants on porch immediately before taking pictures there because it makes it look like I had an accident or something.



One thought on “What I wore – Flower Power (or flower overload?)

  1. Being matchy-matchy is somethng we all do sometimes and isn’t always a bad thing… I just read in August magazine that coordinating purses and shoes is back on trend for Fall, so get ready to match away and say it’s following the trend.LOL… Great dress!

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